Milly Schmidt | product leader

Hi! I'm Milly.

Nice to meet you. 🤝

I help growing product companies (like yours?) plan for the future using design thinking, HCD, systems thinking and Lean methodologies. UX, but big picture. The term I'm going with is "product leader".

Also, I teach, speak and write prolifically.

Sometimes, I write code (I made this website, for example). I'm very into SPA frameworks like React, Hoplon (Clojurescript), Angular and Vue.

I believe in the power of design systems and design ops and have been teaching component-driven front-end dev everywhere I work.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia. Here's my resume.

What I'm working on 👩‍💻

Holy moly. I'm actually looking for something new. I'm considering whether I should move to London to challenge myself. I'm really keen to work somewhere that has a positive impact on the world, in areas such as social justice, climate action, science advocacy, women's rights, education or sustainability. B Corps, not for profits, and in general organisations that have a serious commitment to anything other than profits are preferable. Looking for leadership roles in product, UX or engineering management. Please get in touch.

I help with research & facilitation at Code Like a Girl

Things I'm proud of 🙌

I've taught more classes than I can count at General Assembly

I transformed the product team with Agile, Lean and human-centred design principles at RateIt as Director of Product & Design

I kickstarted a culture of design, research, testing and lean product development at EstimateOne

I'm built a content strategy and relaunched a killer website for ItStrategic

I refactored a huge amount of code into a robust React component system (deleting more code than I added!) and helped refine and improve the onboarding flow at fin-tech startup Clover

I designed and built a pluggable, customisable, scalable and re-usable multi-site theme system and built a team of excellent UX designers, single-handedly shifting the diversity ratio drastically at Equiem

I led a small team of developers building Drupal-based CMS solutions for SMEs at Godel

I co-founded and built much of SaaS project management app Estimate Work

I've written multiple articles for international business news and culture publication Quartz

I worked with Beat magazine to build an online version of their magazine that helped streamline their editorial workflow.

Things I'm doing soon 🗓️

November 2018

Spending some time volunteering; feeling like I need to give back to the community.

December 2018

Heading the the UK for holidays. See you in the new year.

Things I've done recently 🥂

October 2018

Worked hard at my job. See you at Web Directions Summit.

September 2018

Spoke at DesignOps Melbourne about being a rogue change agent

Published a mammoth blog post about my views on humility and collaboration in tech.

August 2018

Worked hard at my new job!

July 2018

Appeared on Why2 Podcast speaking about asking better questions through research

Taught Workshops with Microsoft in Sydney for Code Like a Girl

June 2018

Appeared on Customer Experience Leaders Podcast speaking about Design Thinking

Spoke at The Web Meetup about the importance of humility in building great products

Spoke at The DDD Meetup teaching how to give a talk or deliver a workshop

Taught Intro to UX at General Assembly

May 2018

Taught Intro to UX at General Assembly

Taught Coding for Designers at Academy Xi

Panel participant for A Design Led Approach to Everyday Living at Academy Xi

Panel moderator for The Product Ecosystem: Building Products for Melbourne’s Best Tech Companies at Academy Xi

Taught Mother's Day Creative Coding workshop for Code Like a Girl

April 2018

Taught Intro to UX at General Assembly

Taught Coding for Agencies for Carter Digital

Taught Design your business at the 12-15 year olds Code Camp for Code Like a Girl

March 2018

MC at CSSConf Australia and JSConf Australia

Conducting user research for Code Like a Girl

February 2018

MC at PauseFest 2018

Panel speaker on "Is it ever OK to lie in business?" at PauseFest 2018 with Girls in Tech

Taught Intro to UX at General Assembly

Taught Coding for Designers at Academy Xi

Taught Coding for Agencies for Carter Digital


Panel speaker for Designing Healthier Workplaces at Academy Xi

Event host at Mind Body & Code for Code Like a Girl

Speaker at Go Girl Summit for VU

Speaker at Melbourne Geek Night

Taught various classes and workshops at General Assembly

Want to make cool stuff with me? 🤙

I'm looking for work that makes a meaningful difference in the world. I'm keen to work with small organisations, particularly those with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and especially those led by women.

I'm interested in leadership roles and advisory opportunities, and am keen to chat to you if you would like your organisation to be led by human-centred design principles.

My day rate starts at $1000 AUD (+GST). I'm keen to work in Melbourne, Australia and potentially beyond - remote and flexible commitments are appealing.

I'm usually doing something important with my time, but I'm always keen to chat. Get in touch.