I’m available to mentor, coach or advise 1:1. My expertise is in product/SaaS, startups, UX design and research, Agile/Lean and transitioning into tech, but my coaching style is versatile and can work for almost anyone. Here’s some reasons you might want to chat:

Portfolio or resume review

  • Send your portfolio and/or resume for feedback along with the kind of role you’re looking to get

Written feedback (1 week turnaround) or a 1 hr conversation (video call)

$100 AUD

Career advice

  • Looking to transition into tech from a different industry?
  • Looking to change roles within the tech industry?
  • Not sure whether to move into management or become a more senior individual contributor?
  • Stuck and not sure what’s next?
  • Lost the spark and looking for inspiration?

3 x 1h conversations (video call)

$200 AUD

Problem jam

  • Stuck on a project that won’t move?
  • Tricky relationship at work stressing you out?
  • At a crossroads?

2 hour conversation (video call)

$200 AUD

Discovery session

The easiest way to get started is to book in a discovery call, which is free of charge.

Book via ADPlist or my Calendly.

Single sessions

  • Ad-hoc sessions
  • $100 AUD per hour
  • Invoiced after each session

Regular sessions

  • Book in a recurring 1hr timeslot for a minimum of 6 weeks
  • $80 AUD per session (20% discount from one-offs)