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UsabilityHub is a tool that helps UX designers test their ideas with a scalable remote panel.
As Director of product, I worked with the leadership team to develop a multi-year product strategy, and with the product team to establish a Scrum process, hire in new talent build critical features launched to their large user base.
  • My largest and most important role to date, I worked closely with the first-time founders to help them transition from a lifestyle company to a growth-focused startup through establishment of a product management, research and UX design process facilitated through Agile/Scrum.
  • I managed a product team of 10 including developers, designers, product managers, as well as marketers and support.
  • I established the product team and product management and delivery process. I planned and facilitated an offsite (then moved online due to Covid) for the team including the establishment of OKRs.
  • I brought in a leadership coach who worked with the entire executive team.
  • I oversaw 8+ research projects as the lead/commissioning researcher facilitated through a strategic partnership with CuriosityTank that I established and led.
  • I developed the ResearchOps process including the implementation of tooling, repositories, participant management system and templates.
  • I facilitated multiple strategic workshops including planning key hires, product strategy, team building and regular retrospectives across various teams.
  • I was lead researchers on multiple critical projects including feature concepting and evaluation as well as KANO analysis.