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Godel was a Melbourne-based web design and development agency servicing various clients and working closely with Drupal agencies Technocrat and PreviousNext.
As part of the small team, I worked in end-to-end web development including Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Sass and LESS. I was involved in working with clients and understanding their needs through to content strategy, IA and copywriting, brand development and design, web builds (both front end and back end), deployment, DNS management, hosting management, SEO and maintenance.
  • I worked on various sites in various capacities, including some sites we worked on by subcontracting to other major Drupal agencies in Australia. The sites I built or worked on range from art projects to restaurants to major government sites and nor for profits.
  • I helped Godel plan and build their own site, and worked closely with them on PR and marketing when the company was pushing for new clients.
  • I wrote blog posts and knowledge base articles, and provided Drupal training for new employees.
  • As Lead developer, I worked with the engineers to esnure best practice and built CMS-driven sites that were scalable, maintainable, efficient and beautiful.