Estimate Work

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Estimate Work was a SaaS product I built with my partner at the time. Our goal was to learn about designing, building and launching a SaaS product in the hopes to one day establish a passive income from it. The product was a Monte Carlo estimation and project planning tool.
I co-founded and built much of this project. We never employed anyone but we did launch the product, run a series of fast Lean experiments, and we had some customers.
  • I created a Lean business plan and product roadmap based on customer research,
  • Ran various rounds of evaluative testing on mockups and prototypes.
  • I built the front-end in Clojurescript and Hoplon.
  • Ran a brand project with an agency to develop the brand identity for the product
  • Worked closely with my co-founder and CTO on regular cadence of business goals and a roadmap.