As the organiser of IxDA Melbourne I am nurturing a community of human-centered designers to come together and learn from each other. I'm focused on breaking down barriers between design disciplines and having big conversations about the kind of things that designers should be thinking about, not just pixels and palettes.

I've inspired girls and women by investing my time into events, workshops, hackathons and mentorships with Code Like a Girl. In particular, I'm proud of a research project I did with them, investigating through a series of depth interviews the experience of secondary school teachers attempting to teach tech skills through the Victorian Digitech Curriculum. I developed their HTML/CSS class offering and have taught both children and adults, including a series of workshops at the Microsoft Store in Sydney.

I've volunteered my time to causes I care about with Girls In Tech, Girl Geek Academy, Girl Geek Dinners, Ladies that UX and other organisations trying to increase diversity in the technology industry. I particularly care about visibility and representation for technical roles for women and non-binary people as well as pay equity.

I've taught more classes than I can count at General Assembly and Academy Xi. I developed and delivered successful classes around Agile/Scrum, UX fundamentals and HTML/CSS basics. I have consistently recieved high ratings on my teaching style and content.

Various engagements

πŸ“… 2020

  • Cancelled everything.
  • Took a lot of baths.
  • Participated in an online forum with Digital Influx.

πŸ“… December 2019

πŸ“… November 2019

πŸ“… October 2019

πŸ“… September 2019

πŸ“… August 2019

πŸ“… July 2019

  • Won the RMIT Online Hackathon with a sustainability strategy for our office and organisation.

πŸ“… February 2019

πŸ“… December 2018

πŸ“… November 2018

πŸ“… October 2018

πŸ“… September 2018

πŸ“… August 2018

  • Worked hard at my new job!

πŸ“… July 2018

πŸ“… June 2018

πŸ“… May 2018

  • Taught Intro to UX at General Assembly.
  • Taught Coding for Designers at Academy Xi.
  • Panel participant for A Design Led Approach to Everyday Living at Academy Xi.
  • Panel moderator for The Product Ecosystem: Building Products for Melbourne’s Best Tech Companies at Academy Xi.
  • Taught Mother's Day Creative Coding workshop for Code Like a Girl.

πŸ“… April 2018

πŸ“… March 2018

πŸ“… February 2018

πŸ“… 2017

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